Make every analysis method a common property of researchers

ANPLAT creates "time" for the researchers.

We want to create an environment where all researchers can immerse themselves in their own research. That is our goal at Amplat. We will use the power of IT to create a digital platform for all data analysis methods and make it a shared asset that can be freely used by anyone, thereby accelerating the speed of research being conducted around the world.

Our values

for Analysis methods

Data analysis, which is essential for research, still leaves much to be desired in terms of manpower. ANPLAT, a group of professionals well versed in supporting researchers using bioinformatics, can help you achieve DX in your research in the shortest possible time.

for analysis methods

With the ANCAT system developed by ANPLAT, all bioinformatics analysis methods can be handled with an intuitive GUI, eliminating the need for IT expertise.

for analysis method

Analysis methods uploaded to ANCAT can be managed and used redundantly and at low cost thereafter. ANCAT is a platform by researchers, for researchers.



It is a bioinformatics analysis platform based on the concept of “being able to browse, search, and execute analysis methods as if they were a catalog (=ANalysis CATalog).


From the implementation of cloud environments to the operation of organizational information systems, we provide comprehensive support to achieve DX in laboratories and realize a stress-free research environment.

Company Profile

We believe that it would be a great loss to the world if researchers were to become so busy with non-research tasks that their expertise is diluted. We believe that it would be a great loss to the world if these experts were to become so busy with non-research work that their expertise is diluted. This is what ANPLAT, Inc. is all about.

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